TrackTill – 9010 FM30


TrackTill for Standard Frame Planter like John Deere Bauer Built, CNH 1260 or 1240, or Kinze 3800.



Reduce pinch-row compaction to achieve higher yields

  • Eliminates compaction caused by planter and tractor weight and tires
  • Fully adjustable down pressure system • Attaches directly to the planter frame
  • Can be installed to be raised and lowered with planter unit or can be controlled with separate remote
  • 10″ ground-driven tines rotate to fracture the compacted soil

Yetter TrackTill Brochure

Specifications for FM30

  • For standard and central-fill planters
  • Available to fit planters with 30″ row spacing
  • Features fully adjustable down-pressure of the TrackTill unit
  • Units are frame-mounted to toolbar and fit between row units
  • Fits John Deere DB and most standardframe planters

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs